Asset Management

Asset Management


The Portfolio Management is addressed to investors (individuals, corporate, institutionals) who wish to entrust the management of their investment portfolio (equities, bonds, ETFs, derivatives, mutual funds, money market instruments) to our Investment Committee and its highly experienced certified executives.


The investment solutions we design for our clients are based on parameters such as the creation of a benchmark, the time horizon of the investment, the expected return and the greatest possible reduction in the investment risks taken during the investment.


The investment products that we offer to our clients through the Portfolio Management Service are individually designed rather than massively (eg end-investor transactions), giving particular emphasis on the individual - not collective - high level of information on portfolio, transactions, charges, expenses and in general asset management procedures.


Investment decisions are being made by our Investment Committee, which meets on a monthly basis or more frequently if circumstances so require. Each decision taken shall be recorded in the Commission's record book and subject to the supervision of the Regulatory Authorities (HCMC).


The investment products we provide to our clients - investors through the Portfolio Management Service are:



Tailor made portfolio investment products may also be created by our Asset Management team.