Company Profile

Company Profile


Merit Securities through its history, tradition and timeless presence operates based on reliability, validity and commitment to quality, values that give Merit characteristics such as flexibility, responsibility, closeness and intimacy with the client.


With a high sense of responsibility and with the goal of meeting the needs of every investor, we, the people of Merit, emphasize on the provision of innovative solutions for the management and development of our clients' assets.


We provide full coverage of the needs of both private and institutional investors through a comprehensive range of investment services, such as:


  • Transactions in Domestic & International Markets
  • Asset Management and Investment Advice
  • Custody Services
  • Market Making
  • Research & Analysis
  • Corporate Finance


For the excellent implementation of the above we remain firmly committed to the high value of human resources, through the continuous training and attraction of new specialized executives.


We have adopted a modern organizational structure & corporate governance standards, which ensure the Company's adaptation to ever-changing business conditions and the need to manage emerging risks.


It is the combination of all the above that leads us to create high added value for both our customers and our shareholders.


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