The Company provides Custody, Settlement and Clearing services either on its own or in partnership with leading Greek and international Custodians.

The Company is a DSS Operator at the Athens Central Securities Depository (AthexCSD) and a direct Clearing Member of AthexClear. Its DSS (Dematerialized Securities System) code is no 180.

Collaborating Custodians are always selected based on the security and protection of customer’s assets. The company has a solid  partnership with AKJ, MORGAN STANLEY,  Piraeus Bank and Eurobank.

Custody services provided include:


  • The safekeeping of assets
  • Clearing and settlement services
  • Participation in corporate actions such as:
    • share capital increases with cash payments
    • collection of dividends of Greek and foreign shares
    • Receipt of shares from share capital increase.
  • The creation and maintenance of a Common Investment Share - KEM
  • Periodical statements
  • The issuance of certificates for tax use
  • Cash management.


Cash Management


Through the partnerships maintained by Merit with Greek credit institutions, you have the opportunity to increase the returns on your capital by placing your credit balances on time deposits.

Your cash is invested based on the longevity of our partnership, the number, frequency and value of your transactions, the value of your portfolio and the amount of available credit balance. In any case, if the company can proceed with this investment on behalf of the customer, the cash balances over € 5,000 are placed in time deposits, usually overnight.

Depending on the type and duration of the investment, credit interest is paid at the end and is displayed on the customer's analytically.

The Greek Ministry of Finance determines the corresponding tax which is attributed to the State directly through the bank with which the company cooperates.


For more information please contact Client Administration by phone: 214-1008806 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.