Opening an account & Documentation

Opening an account & Documentation


Before signing an agreement with Merit Securities, be informed about the investment services provided, the several financial instruments and the associated risks through the PreContractual Information.


According to the AML legislation every Investment Firm is obliged to collect, update and maintain identification data as well as financial and tax information for all its customers.


The data we collect is used solely for the purpose of their collection and is stored securely for the time required by the relevant legislation.


Reliable documents are:


For Natural Persons


For Legal Entities


Depending on the intended transaction activity, you may be asked for additional information and information, such as:


  • Information about the purpose and nature of your business relationship with Merit Securities,
  • Information about your financial and transactional profile,
  • Foreign tax residence certification documents (FATCA, CRS / DAC2), and / or
  • Other documents


You can use the following form to electronically update or modify the information you have provided to us: